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Welcome To Brilliant School

Words From Our Campus Director

Knowledge is Power

Dr. A.B.Surani is the founder and director of both schools - brilliant school and shree universal school . He has completed M.Sc. with chemistry in the saurashtra university.

He has completed his M.Ed and Ph.D in the department of education of the same university. He has completed his research with reference to the effectiveness of the science committee in primary education.

He has been involved in education work and school administration for last 15 years. He fawors quality education and building of human values.

Campus Director
Dr. A.B. Surani
(M.Sc, M.Ed, Ph.D)

Brilliant School is for Better Learning

Brilliant School was established in June-2009 on Near Mavdi Ring Road Chokdi, Opp. Jitriya Hanuman Temple, Jasraj Nagar, Mavdi, Rajkot. Right now Brilliant School from LKG to std 12th. Main Branch of this school , Shree Universal School was started in June-99 on chandreshnagar main road, mavdi plot, rajkot.Shree Universal School too, is a complete school from LKG to std 12th.

In both these schools students are taught Sports , Music , Drawing , Yoga along with the Text Books. Student characters are built by means of different co-curricular activities. This school is indeed a temple of education for the Student, Teachers, Guardians and the Administrator.

Latest News

વાર્ષિક પરીક્ષાનું  પરિણામ 

બાલમંદિર તથા ધોરણ 1 થી 3  

તારીખ 01/05/2019 ને બુધવારે સવારે 8 થી 10


ધોરણ 4 થી 7   

તારીખ 04/05/2019 ને સોમવારે  સવારે 10 થી 12


ધોરણ 8, 9  અને 11

તારીખ 04/05/2019 ને સોમવારે  સવારે 8 થી 10


ઉનાળું  વેકેશન

HKG તથા ધોરણ  1 થી 9 ના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે

શાળાનું  ઉનાળું  વેકેશન તારીખ 10/6/19 ને  સોમવારે ખુલશે


નવા એડમિશન અંગે ...

જૂન - 2019 થી શરૂ થતાં નવા શૈક્ષણિક સત્ર  માટે

પ્રવેશ પ્રક્રિયા ચાલુ છે.